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Language Learning

Alliance Française de Cebu, the French Language Center in Cebu, offers an entirely new approach focusing on real life communication. Whether for children from the age 4 or for adults, the philosophy will be the same: ENJOY AND LEARN MORE!

Cultural Activities

Alliance Française de Cebu is a Cultural Institute, which wants to promote French Culture to the Filipino people living in Cebu. Alliance Française de Cebu aims to be a meeting point in between cultures.


Alliance Française de Cebu is the only French translation service center in Cebu that is recognized by embassies. It is also a French Consular Office.


Alex et Zoé 1 - Cahier d'activités

Author: Colette Samson

Alex et Zoé 1 is an interactive textbook for learning French for children starting 7 years old.

Alex et Zoé encourages the students to speak during real life situations through the five senses, games, songs and short role plays. The characters from the book are inspired from the famous Perrault tales.

The Cahier d’activités is divided into 15 units made of 4 lessons each. Each page covers a lesson. Each lesson integrates all proficiencies acquired in the Textbook namely written, listening, comprehension and speaking.